About me

I have been making thought-provoking, witty documentaries about real people for over 20 years.

My skill is in making people feel comfortable enough to be honest about subjects they'd rather not talk about.

I'm a very creative, safe pair of hands, am hugely experienced in the edit & can self shoot.

Well educated, I speak 4 languages, have an 'I' VISA to work in the States, a full car & motorbike driving licence & all my own teeth.


« Caz is a first-rate producer director & series producer who I've known & worked with for more than ten years.

She has a fantastic eye & a strong visual sense. But for me her most notable quality is her direct & disarming way of dealing with contributors.

She brings people on side with a frank and honest approach that appeals to people. The biggest project we worked on together was a longitudinal series about marriage that involved filming with an incredibly diverse range of characters from wildly different backgrounds & with wildly different outlooks.

The unifying force was Caz herself who won the trust of them all. She has a nose for the story, will tell that story beautifully & will extract the very best from those with whom she works.

« Caz Stuart is a skilled, accomplished & imaginative producer/director, with a strong sense of narrative & structure & a keen visual eye.

At home across a complete range of factual, features & documentary, Caz is hugely experienced, confident & calm.

I have worked with her at ITV & RDF & would leap at the chance to again.

« Caz is one of the best factual producer/ directors in the business; she has a strong creative talent & grasps a brief quickly & intelligently.

Her engagement with her subjects & visual confidence delivers strong on-screen material, whilst her experience & good humour make her a popular & solution focused member of the production team.

  • Tim Miller Creative Director London Factual ITV Studios
  • Jim Allen former Director of Factual & Entertainment, ITV, currently Managing Director, RDF Television
  • Andrea Cornes Creative Director ITV Studios ITV plc